I am a painter and printmaker who explores concepts of change in my work. Physical spaces that degrade. Memories that fade or morph. Relationships that evolve. I create angular, colorful compositions that experiment with light, shape, transparency, and repetition. My subject matters are interior spaces, urban landscapes, and still lifes of models of buildings I’ve created out of paper.
Rather than documenting a single moment in time, my work captures the layers that exist when recalling a memory, experiencing a place after having not visited for decades, or reading a page from a childhood journal. Rarely, would a single image come to mind in these instances, but rather a layered experience of emotions, curiosity and storytelling.
The evolution of a piece from start to finish is important in my work. Since each piece holds a conversation with the next piece created, I like to couple later work with early experiments and studies. I also play with surface and texture to reveal earlier choices and marks. I will sand down the surfaces of my paintings in between layers of paint as a way to reveal the history of the composition as it was developed. I will also re-work the drawing of my subject matter and will maintain elements of the old marks in the finished piece to act as record keeping.
I create my work in a series - either by repeating a composition in different mediums or by creating a body of work of a single subject depicted from multiple vantage points. These acts of repetition allow for both a deeper familiarity with the subject matter and creates a natural distance from when I first experienced it.
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